The bridge ‘Golden Gate’ in San Francisco began to publish terrible sounds: video

Strange sounds coming from the bridge are not paranormal, writes CNET.

Мост 'Золотые Ворота' в Сан-Франциско начал издавать жуткие звуки: видеорепортаж

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If you visit or live near the Golden Gate bridge, you may notice unusual sounds coming from the main landmark of San Francisco. While it may be fun to assume the mystical nature of the sounds, their real reason is quite commonplace.

Recently the city authorities have installed a new railing for bike lanes on the bridge are better able to withstand wind resistance. But no one expected that the wind passing through them will also generate significant noise not just on the bridge, but many miles away from him.

“Can someone explain to me why this horrible sound continues for an hour in San Francisco?”, asked one Twitter user.

When people living near the bridge, wrote in social networks about what they’re hearing unusual sounds, the service “San Francisco 311”, the official centre of information and customer service the city, published an explanation.

“Low humming noise is associated with strong winds blowing through a newly installed relingowe slats along the Bicycle path on the bridge,” — said in the service.

“The Golden Gate bridge, began to sing — written by Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz of the organization responsible for the condition of the bridge. — New musical tones emanating from the bridge is a well — known and inevitable phenomenon, which occurs as a result of our modification with a very strong wind.”

When the wind passes through the new railing, he turns the bridge into a giant reed instrument.

“As part of the design process, the district conducted an extensive study of the possible impact of the project, including testing in a wind tunnel scale model of the Golden Gate bridge in strong winds, he added Cosulich-Schwartz. The new upgrade was necessary to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the bridge.”

Officials say there are no planned solutions to the problem.

Some people even like those strange sounds, but many people consider them “creepy”.

“It seriously will cause people to insanity. I might have,” wrote one person.

“How beautiful… while you’re just visiting and don’t live within earshot. It’s driving me crazy!”, commented another user.

Here are a few tweets from people who recorded the video with the sounds of the bridge.


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