The British lost 63 kilos the fitness games

Британка сбросила 63 килограмма благодаря фитнес-играм

A resident of the English city of Cambridge Laura Dryden lost weight through not only nutrition and training, sports, but also with the help of fitness games on the Xbox. The girl thus got rid of 63 pounds.

About it writes Daily Mail.

29-year-old Dryden admitted that was always full. In College and University, she still began to oppress the stress. Have British women started to have problems with health. Its weight reached 117 pounds.

The way Laura the healthy weight loss began after the girl had been on holiday in Egypt.

“The trip was the last straw. I felt very uncomfortable, I didn’t want to undress and walk in a bathing suit. I was afraid to show my body. I felt unhappy,” — said the Briton.

After the holidays she decided to pull myself together and change my life.

So, Dryden has reduced food portions and started to exercise using fitness games on the Xbox. The girl also acquired a sports trainer and worked on it while watching TV.

Thus in two years it managed to get rid of 54 pounds. Losing weight, she did surgery to lift the sagging skin on the chest and abdomen.

The Briton became the fan of sports and enjoy doing races for long distances.

“Now I can run for two hours without stopping and not feel tired,” — boasted Dryden.

She also admitted that they became more self-confident: “I avoided contact with people, but is slowly beginning to crawl out of his shell”.