The British Parliament for the first time in 37 years of going to the Saturday meeting because of a new agreement on Brexit, and the British came to mass March (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Британский парламент впервые за 37 лет собрался на субботнее заседание из-за нового соглашения по Brexit, а британцы вышли на массовый марш (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The British Parliament for the first time since 1982 since the war over the Falkland Islands gathered at Saturday’s meeting to accept or reject the new agreement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the EU on Brexit. Johnson determined in the case of rejection of a new agreement to withdraw from the EU without a deal at the deadline, 31st of October, without any further delay. However, the MPs put to the vote the amendment which, if approved, Johnson would have to ask the EU for a continuance. Due to the many nuances, complications and options the outcome of the historic meeting of Parliament and Brexit in General, to predict not taken one, said the BBC Russian service.

The British Prime Minister announced the achievement of a new agreement with the EU on 17 October. A large part of the agreement reiterates the agreements reached by former Prime Minister Theresa may in 2018. The main changes relate to Northern Ireland. Under the new deal, the UK will comply with current EU regulations until the end of 2020, and if necessary longer to enable the entrepreneurs to adapt to change. The country will also have to pay about 33 billion pounds compensation for the withdrawal from the EU.

The rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and British citizens in the EU will be guaranteed. What has changed is that Northern Ireland, under the new agreement, will be included in the single market of the European Union. Plan “backstop”, which, as critics fear, could actually leave the UK within the European customs Union, cancelled. Northern Ireland will remain part of the customs territory of the United Kingdom and will participate in any future commercial transactions concluded after the “breccia”.

Northern Ireland will remain a gateway to the customs area of the EU. Britain will not impose tariffs on products imported into Northern Ireland if they are not intended for further transportation across the border. A joint Commission of representatives of the EU and the UK will decide which products can get to a common market, and the UK will charge customs fees in favour of the EU.

Legislature Northern Ireland – the Northern Ireland Assembly, which was suspended since January 2007, every four years, will vote whether to leave in the power of these new trade rules. The decision will be taken by a simple majority of votes majority Republican and unionist parties is not required.

Insidious amendment. What was voted on

Debates in Parliament are not limited to, the deputies have the right to make amendments. One was made by a representative of the moderate conservatives from the camp of the opponents of Johnson Oliver Letwin: it is forbidden to take the agreement to a vote, until you have taken all the laws required for processing the orderly Brexit as scheduled on October 31.

If parliamentarians to support this Popravko, sense to make today’s vote on the agreement with the EU will be gone. The government tries urgently to make the necessary laws as soon as next week, but the deputies again will be able to amend these laws and amendments, for example, the labour party, I want to use this to force the government to make an agreement on the new referendum, which emphatically supports Johnson.

“Amendment Levina” put to the vote first. If it not support, the second item will be voted on in fact a new agreement about “breccia”. If the transaction does not support, MPs are asked to vote on the “amendment Kayla” to leaving the EU without an agreement. The amendment obliges to make this decision (if it is approved) by referendum. Finally, the fourth option shall be made “hard” Brexit without a deal, the parliamentarians have repeatedly rejected.

If, prior to the Saturday evening agreement leaving the EU will not be approved, Johnson will have to send to Brussels a letter asking for a continuance for at least three months. Voting will start at 16:30 Moscow time.

In London, meanwhile, held a March, the participants of which require a referendum on the agreement on withdrawal from the EU.