The British resident has won the lottery $136 million

Житель Британии выиграл в лотерею $136 млн

A UK resident has won the jackpot of the EuroMillions lottery in the amount of $135.8 million reported in the environment broadcasting Corporation bi-Bi-si referring to the representative of the National lottery of the United Kingdom Andy Carter.

This is the sixth, according to him, the EuroMillions jackpot won this year the owners purchased in the British Isles tickets.

In October, the Briton won in the EuroMillions more than $208 million, a record prize of this lottery in the history of the Kingdom. He immediately entered the list of the thousand richest people in the country, published annually by the newspaper The Sunday Times. In the ranking of the publication in 2019 the jackpot surpassed the singers Tom Jones and ed Sheeran. First place in the ranking took the Indian businessmen Sri and Gopi Hinduja with $28.5 billion.

The biggest prize in history of lotteries on the territory of the Kingdom ($223 million) in 2011, he received a couple from Scotland Colin and Chris Weir.

The EuroMillions lottery is Europe since 2004. The winner has the right to remain anonymous, used by the vast majority of Europeans who became overnight owners of large fortunes.