The broken fountain, flood Russian city, repairing prayer

Поломаный фонтан, заливающий российский город, чинят молитвой

The mayor of Belozersky district of Vologda region Evgeny Shashkin asked the priest to pray before beginning work on closure of the well that gushes for almost four months and floods the city.

On it informs news Agency “Vologda Region”.

The rector of the Dormition temple of Alexander the Chairs agreed and made at the place of accident moleben “for the beginning of good things in the pacification of the underground waters.” October 31, entrepreneur from the Great Onion Anatoly Smakowski have repacked the hole with a special mixture. Previous attempts to stop bubbling fountain was unsuccessful.

He began to tighten under the ground nearby the house. Wells throws more than 400 cubic meters of water per hour. In Belozersk introduced a state of emergency. At the moment the water in a specially dug out channel can be directed toward the White lake, but adjacent areas are still flooded. Many people lost crops, damaged houses and outbuildings.

In July 2019 the mistress of the house, next to which later started to beat the well, the taste of water. A team of drillers from the city of Babaevo, which was hired by a woman, in the process, stumbled upon an underground lake. Workers could not shut the fuck up and left. Another team from Vologda with the task also failed.