The Bundesliga club starts training, with three cases of coronavirus

Клуб Бундеслиги приступает к тренировкам, имея в составе трех заболевших коронавирусом


“Cologne” resumes training camp, despite the announced on may 1, three recorded cases of coronavirus in the team.

“Earlier than planned in medical concept “Cologne” will move with the team in training camp. “Cologne” will be held team training, if it is allowed, in terms of the training collection.

Then the team and coaching and support staff will gather for the training team in a secure location. This form of voluntary quarantine expands the concept of infection control and hygiene and is intended to further reduce the risk of infection COVID-19,” reads a statement on the official website of the club.

In turn, the Belgian midfielder “goats” Birger Verstraete expressed doubts about the safety of players continuing their preparations for the resumption of the Bundesliga season, reports Goal.

Although the “Cologne” did not publish the names of those who tested positive, local media reported that they are two player and physiotherapist. And Verstrate confirmed the reports, confessing that he was concerned that he was in close contact with those who passed test positive.

Клуб Бундеслиги приступает к тренировкам, имея в составе трех заболевших коронавирусом

Birger Verstraete

“The fact that the club announced that no one came in contact with the players, is correct, in the truest sense of the word. But the physical therapist was treating me and other players in a few weeks. And I formed the Duo in the gym on Thursday with one of the two considered players. And not to say that we do not enter into contact with them” – frankly admitted the Belgian.

“At the moment we are not in the quarantine, and it’s a little weird. When you see occurring in intensive care units in the hospital, I realize that now football is not the most important thing. It would be naive of me to say that the Bundesliga should resume as soon as possible. The virus shows again that you need to take this seriously. I can’t decide what to do with Bundesliga, but I can say that my head is now thinking about football. The health of my loved ones is of paramount importance”, – quotes the words of Verstrate edition.