The burgers are dangerous for men

Burgers and other varieties of junk food disrupt the synthesis of testosterone — the “male hormone”, which regulates in particular and reproductive functions in the body men. About the dangers of junk food for the male body writing a scientific publication Andrologia, referring to researchers from Australia.

Гамбургеры опасны для мужчин

Staff of Flinders University found that fast food is particularly harmful to certain categories of people. For example, for men who have so often problems with testosterone. Such unhealthy food like burgers, and disrupts the biological mechanisms responsible for the production of “the male hormone”, which seriously harms the male body.

“The food is too rich in fats and salt, adversely affects testosterone levels, and this effect is particularly evident in men. And we are talking about instant effect — enough to eat a hamburger to the level of testosterone in the blood fell sharply”, — the authors of the study.

The scientists added that the decline in testosterone provoked by the fast food, had a particularly severe impact on the health of older men, and those men who have pronounced excess weight. In some cases, the negative effect of fast food can lead to serious violations of reproductive functions.