The bus with Ukrainian bizhentsy was thrown over from Poland

Bus carrying Ukrainian migrants over Poland Viktoriya MIKYTYUK, especially for “FACTIV” (Vinnitsa)

A Polish bus, which was carrying refugees from Ukraine, stopped at a roadside ditch, and then turned over. The incident became a year ago on the highway near village Koloniya-Sedlische, Svidnitsky district. About the s they came to the military police.

 Bus with Ukrainian passengers, which straight from Grebsp;directly to Warsaw; websites of the Polish police. — There were 73 individuals traveling by bus (depending on the size allowed, as per the operating rules), two of them — water. On the  mіstsі bluchenі services, yakі rozpochali ryatuvalnuyu operation: svydka help, fire team of the police. Five people, among them one child, were made up to the liquor for stewing. I don't threaten my life with anything. They organized a bus for them, which would take people to Warsaw.

Narazі z’should be the reasons for that furnish tsієї podії.

Previously «FACTS» povidomlyali, yakі kraiymayut ukrainian refugees and scho important to know, breaking the cordon.

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