The Cabinet began the elimination of the black market of petroleum products

In Ukraine will not be black market of petroleum products. This was stated by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

Кабмин начал ликвидацию теневого рынка нефтепродуктов

All schemes will be exposed and those involved brought to justice. Oil traders during our last meeting, noted the problem of illegal filling stations, whose share in the market amounted to almost 25%. For us to understand the concerns of players on the market by unfair competition and dumping from the “shadow businesses“, – said the head of government.

He said that at the initiative of the President, the Cabinet began an extensive campaign to eliminate shadow schemes trade in fuel. In this campaign the staff of the State fiscal service, the National police and security Service have carried out 2,200 inspections and also checked the information about 1399 illegal filling station.

While 377 of the illegal gas station was closed. It turned out that 316 filling stations dismantled earlier or do not exist at the specified addresses. 243 the point of sale quadcopter was dismantled during the reporting period, and 463 – issued license.

In General, during inspections of illegal fuel suppliers have withdrawn from circulation 4 thousand tons of fuel and lubricants totaling 93.4 million hryvnias, and also equipment for the sum of 94.2 million hryvnia.