The Cabinet called to merge the two bills for gas

The government in the appeal to the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities, called to resolve the issue of unification of the two pay stubs for gas, which with January come the Ukrainians. This was said today by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk during the hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada.

Кабмин призвал объединить две платежки за газ

Indeed it will be correct that people received bills for these two services in one document. The decision to separate should take… NKREKU. So we turned to them for optimizing this issue, “–said Goncharuk.

As explained by the head of the Cabinet, Ukrainians will receive two bills for unbundling, that is the separation of services. A payment system is the consumption of gas, and a second fee for delivery. It is a European practice, which the regulator implemented in Ukraine.

According to Goncharuk, the aggregate amount of the two slips still less than the amount of one receipt in 2019.

“We in record time have begun the procedure to unbundling thanks to the adoption of deputies of the relevant law. This gave us the opportunity to complete the negotiations with the Europeans, the Russians. As a result, the price of gas this winter is absolutely lower than it could be if it were not for a new gas contract. This work evaluated including international partners,” the Prime Minister added.