The Cabinet decided not to revise the budget

В Кабмине решили не пересматривать бюджет


The Cabinet will not revise the budget for the current year

At the same time that inflation and some other forward-looking indicators do not correspond to the current situation.

The economy Ministry refused to revise the macroeconomic forecast for 2020, although some indicators do not correspond to the current situation. This Minister Igor Patrascoiu in an interview with the Agency Interfax-Ukraine, published on Tuesday, July 7.

“The macroeconomic forecast is laid under budget. Will start working on the budget for next year — start thinking on updating the macroeconomic forecast”, he said.

The Minister noted that the current turbulence in the economic situation in Ukraine and around the world allows you to build accurate forecasts. Uncertainties remain regarding the opening of markets, borders, and on the second wave of infection COVID-19. “In addition, changes in the macroeconomic forecast will require changes in the budget”, — said Petrashko.

However, he assured that the expectations about the economic decline by 5% this year is not deteriorated.

“About 5%. Although I have a more optimistic expectations in certain decisions. Much better we came out of quarantine than we thought. There is a significant upgrade of certain areas,” — says Petrashko.

Redeeming said that the economic decline has stopped.

The Cabinet also gave the forecast with the second wave of the pandemic. The government has developed three scenarios, which took into account the situation on the labour market, the hryvnia exchange rate and predicted GDP, taking into account the spread of infection.