The Cabinet decided to restrict the import of fertilizers

Кабмин отказался ограничивать импорт удобрений


Competition with importers will not allow to raise prices of Ukrainian producers, decided in the Cabinet

The government sided with the farmers who protested earlier against the introduction of quotas.

The interdepartmental Commission on international trade recognized the inappropriate introduction of quotas on import of mineral fertilizers. The corresponding decision was published on Wednesday, June 24, and entered into force.

Earlier with a request to impose quotas applied to the Committee plants of the company Ostchem Dmitry Firtash, DneprAzot Igor Kolomoisky and the state-owned Odesa port plant.

The Union of chemists of Ukraine stated that Ukrainian fertilizer producers are preparing an appeal against the decision of the Cabinet.

“We are confident that for Ukrainian agrarians such “support” in the medium term will also bring a lot of problems,” said Association of Ukrainian producers of fertilizers.

First, the foreign producers because of the dumping would weaken the position of the Ukrainian chemical industry, and then, without competition, will dictate on the Ukrainian market, their conditions and rates, said the Union of chemists.