The Cabinet gave money for startups

В Кабмине раздали деньги на стартапы


In total funding of $300 thousand

Grant in the amount of $25 thousand will receive six projects at the stage of pre-seed and three startups at the seed stage will receive $50 thousand

Public funding in the form of non-repayable grants will receive nine Ukrainian startups. On Monday, July 13, announced the state Fund startups.

Grant in the amount of $25 thousand will receive six projects at the stage of pre-seed — when you have an idea what the market and consumers, but a clear idea how to implement it technically and how it should develop to make a profit yet — or there, but in General terms.

The money startup Jooli – development of software for content marketers and PR specialists working with small and medium SaaS companies – developers of cloud software.

Also will be financed startup Iziviz — drone for safe, easy and effective visual inspection.

Grant will get a startup Elomia — development of applications with a virtual friend-a psychologist who listens, understands and provides psychological help to people with depression and anxiety.

Also selected startup RunAn – development application sports tracker, which allows to reduce the trauma and increase running efficiency by monitoring the correct technique of movements.

Bicovery startup develops app to monitor mental and physical condition of a bipolar person in real time and give timely notice of the approach of the episodes with the help of Machine Learning technologies.

Gymcerebrum startup developing a platform of artificial intelligence with unique computer vision that will work inside a health club as a virtual coach.

Startups at the seed stage will receive a grant in the amount of $50 thousand. Neverdark Is a startup, developing a fireplace with a real fire in any apartment, as well as startup Revizion developing feedback service and the NPS index to the commitment of consumers of a particular product.

Also $50 thousand will get Upswot startup that develops application for improving the efficiency of sales of the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses with continuous monitoring of the 117 alternative data sources.

As reported, the Foundation’s startups was created by the previous government of Vladimir Groisman to support the development of it industry in Ukraine. The amount of the Fund from the beginning it was planned in the amount of UAH 400 million per year with subsequent increase up to 4 billion UAH.