The Cabinet has allocated billions to Finance benefits for the unemployed

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision to allocate 6 billion to Finance benefits for the unemployed Ukrainians.

Кабмин выделил миллиарды на финансирование пособий для безработных

About it reports “Hvil” with reference to data of the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine.

The resolution “On allocation of funds for providing financial assistance to the Fund of obligatory state social insurance of Ukraine in case of unemployment” was adopted at extraordinary session of the government.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers allocated funds will be used to pay unemployment benefits, aid dismissed at his own request, payments to subjects of small and average business.

“The adopted resolution, which allocated 6 billion UAH will allow to solve two of our key goals. The first is to provide real help to those people who, unfortunately, have already lost their jobs. And the second is to help employers pay salaries to their employees, and thereby to prevent layoffs, preserve jobs,” said Minister Ihor Petrashko.

So, on unemployment benefits allocated 1,277 billion. It is envisaged that the funds will be used to increase the minimum size of unemployment benefits from 650 UAH to 1000 UAH; to help dismissed at his own request on 1 day and not as it was before to 91 days; at the payments all the unemployed as from 1 day of registration, and not the 7th as it was before.

Also for benefits for partial unemployment provided 4,723 billion. Provides for payments to subjects of small and average business for a period of quarantine to cover the cost of salaries of employees who had reduced working hours.