The Cabinet has not submitted an order for the recalculation of pensions from March 1

The government has not submitted an order on indexation of (recalculation) of pensions from March 1, despite the fact that many media outlets announced it.

Кабмин не подал распоряжение на перерасчет пенсий с 1 марта

This informs the edition Страна.UA referring to the PFC.

“There must be a corresponding decree of the Cabinet on this matter, but it does not exist”, — said the press-Secretary of the Agency Anna Shvets.

According to her, PFCs, gave calculations of the government, which should prepare the resolution with the specified order and timing of the indexation.

The expert of the Institute Growford Alex Kush said that according to Ukrainian legislation, the pension adjustment should be carried out every year and automatically according to this formula: 50% of the growth of average wages + 50% of inflation over the past year. However, the exact date of indexing is not specified.

In 2019, the inflation rate was 4.2 %, but the growth of average wages of 18 %. If you add 50% to these figures, will receive a percentage of pension increases: 2,1 % + 9 % = 11,1%.

In 2019, this figure was equal to 15 %. The reason of decline in slowing the rate of inflation.

Who will fall under the indexing is still unknown, but has information about who it touches. They will be:

recipients of suspense — people without a sufficient insurance record to the “normal” retirement;

civil servants;

pensioners who are working or receiving the maximum payment;

recipients of special pensions, for example, ex-employees of the courts.

Also the indexing is performed by one who is retired in 2020 or 2019.

All other categories of pensioners (about 8.5 million) have the right to indexation.

According to the Pension Fund, if by the end of February the government adopted a decision on indexation, it does not mean that she will start March 1. The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the allocation can register retroactively.