The Cabinet has presented a strategy for the exit of Ukraine from quarantine

The government of Ukraine has submitted a preliminary plan out of the quarantine imposed on the country as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Кабмин представил стратегию по выходу Украины из карантина

The head of the Cabinet Denis Shmyhal wrote on his official page in the Telegram.

Introduced in Ukraine a state of emergency will last the country until the beginning of may, after which quarantine measures will gradually soften. Moreover, in may it is planned to produce citizens to work. Moreover, by this time the Cabinet is going to create 500 thousand new jobs to people left without the ability to earn money, got a way to rectify the situation.

Кабмин представил стратегию по выходу Украины из карантина

“In may, the Ukrainians have to go to work. In any conditions in which new social standards, in what time frame are those issues on which the government is working together with analysts,” explained Denis Shmyhal.

Full strategy of gradual release from quarantine will be presented next week. In particular, it will be followed by an explanation on many issues, including the resumption of public transport and a new model of behavior in society.

According to Denis Smagala, was created the Council of economic development of Ukraine, the members of which became the best scientists and financiers of the country, whose regalia are recognized throughout the world. The efforts of these experts developed ways to not only quarantine, but the ensuing economic crisis.

Denis Shmyhal stressed that most of the existing restrictions may be lifted in the period from June to July, but it will happen, provided that Ukraine will be able to stop the spread of coronavirus infection, which in turn depends on each citizen of the country. How much people are willing to self-isolation now and will they follow their civic duty depends on how soon the country will return to the usual, normal way of life.