The Cabinet has published the data the e-census of the population of Ukraine

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Dmytro Dubilet presented the results of the e-census of the population of Ukraine.

Кабмин обнародовал данные электронной переписи населения Украины

He told this at a press conference on Thursday, January 23.

Dubilet said that the population of Ukraine is 37 million 289 thousand people. Traditionally in the structure of the population the number of women was more than men — 20,01 million and of 17.28 million, respectively.

“Unfortunately this figure does not include people residing abroad and in the occupied territories. The number of people that are physically located on the territory of Ukraine as of 1 December 2019,” — said Dmitry Dubilet.

Cabinet Minister said that the census of the population used three methods, the maximum difference results between them made up 2.86%.

“The maximum difference between the results reached to 2.86%. In order to make effective management decisions greater precision is not needed,” said Dubilet.

Methods used by the Cabinet to determine the population of Ukraine:

1. The data of mobile operators. To determine the number of the population, the Cabinet used the data on the number of subscribers for 2 months, but statistical information was not included subscribers who were not on the network more than a month. In addition, to determine the number of people in the country using this method, we used data on the number of telephone, information from the register of young people and pensioners.

2. “Tree” — the distribution of the population by sex and age. This method used information and the State statistics service and the state register.

3. Data from the State register of physical persons.