The Cabinet introduced special duties for Russian power and coal

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the decision on introduction of special duties for Russian electricity and coal, except for anthracite and coking coal.

Кабмин ввел спецпошлину для российских электроэнергии и угля

The decision was presented by the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Igor Petrashko, the correspondent UKRINFORM.

“It is proposed to introduce special duties on certain goods originating from Russia, imported on customs territory of Ukraine for electric power in accordance with codes and all types of coal, except for anthracite and coking coal in the amount of 65% from 1 April 2020,” said Petrashko.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers in October 2019 has established a 2% duty on the import of electricity from Russia.

Ukraine October 1, 2019 resumed commercial import of electricity from Russia.

A total of five Ukrainian companies bought access to 1.1 GW of network capacity for electricity imports from Russia in October last year.