The Cabinet is developing a large program of support of pensioners

The Ukrainian government is developing an extensive programme of support for pensioners aged over 75 years. Soon it will present to the public.

Кабмин разрабатывает большую программу поддержки пенсионеров

This was announced by President Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference in Kiev.

“We introduced a program of 80+, and each pensioner, the eldest 80 years, we have added (pension. – Ed.) 500 hryvnia. Next, we will develop a program for the following year to enter the program is 75+,” – said the Head of state.

According to the President, on the development of this program works, the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Marina Lazebnaya.

The President reminded that in may was held the indexation of pensions, and also implemented payment assistance to citizens, the amount of the pension which is below 5 thousand hryvnia.

The President also expressed the opinion that the government should provide the elderly a normal medicine, the opportunity to buy drugs, and during an outbreak of coronavirus – means of individual protection.