The Cabinet is preparing a new pension reform

The Cabinet and the parliamentary Committee on social policy is preparing a new pension reform

Кабмин готовит новую пенсионную реформу

Proceeding from it, each worker will have to pay an additional contribution, and at retirement you will receive two payments — reports Hvilya with reference to Browser.

Currently in Ukraine fully works only solidary level of pension provision.

It stipulates that workers pay the sotsvznosov from their salaries, and after the money is redistributed among pensioners.

The second level of the pension provision implies that the Ukrainians will pay additional fees and will be able to get a second pension when you retire.

Its main principle is: how postponed, and got so much.

Although, this is assuming that savings Fund collapses or the government does not decide to keep the money.

For example, if to set aside each month in a savings account for 7% of the wages, the pensions will receive an additional payment in the amount of 10.2% of the last salary.

Welcome on the site was one of the projects of the second tier of the pension system.

According to the document, the Ukrainians from 2023 to 2030 will pay 3% of salary, with 2030 4%, with a 2040 – 6%, and in 2050 – 7% monthly.

The entry fee of 3% is low, which count on a decent second payment is not necessary.

However, the employee at will has the right to pay more proportionally should increase the fee and the employer.

So, in 2023, all must, according to the document, will have to pay 1% out of pocket and two percent of salary – the employer.

As stated in the report of the Committee on social policy, but at the expense of funds that could accumulate over the past 10 years, retirees would receive payments, on average, 17% more than now.

The second level is going to run from 1 January 2021.

Although, as the ex-Minister of social policy Andrei Reva, people are asked to defer to both source and receive payment from them, but after 15-20 years.

But current retirees it will not help and solve the problem, the politician is sure, it is necessary with them.