The Cabinet of Ministers introduced new rules of registration of land

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree, which introduces the principle of extraterritoriality in state registration of land plots.

Кабинет министров ввел новые правила регистрации земельных участков

The start of the pilot project on the implementation of this principle is scheduled for June 10 and it will last for two years — reports Hvylya, citing the page of the Ministry of economy on Facebook.

“This means that from now on the decision on registration of the land plot may be taken by any state cadastral Registrar, selected at random by the system of State land cadastre”, — reported in the Ministry of economic development.

In particular, we improve the following procedures:

— reduction of the land registry from 14 to 7 working days;

— implementation of the principle of extraterritoriality in the provision of appropriate services;

— elimination of the reasons which necessitate the repeated appeals of the applicants statements and documents through the center of providing administrative services to the state cadastral Registrar (in the case of refusal of state registration).

The resolution also results in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation the ability to order, conduct and results of the state expertise of land surveying documentation in electronic form through the Unified state portal of administrative services and integrated information system Gosgeokadastra.

Improved mechanism for correcting errors in information of the State land cadastre.

Thus, in particular, with the authorization of certified engineers-surveyors to correct errors in the application of the system of coordinates of land plots.

This includes errors that occur when translating from one coordinate system to another, which were generated before January 1, 2013, information about which was transferred into the State land cadastre, and errors in the information about the location of the land.