The Cabinet of Ministers reported on the progress of the sowing campaign in Ukraine

As of April 2, Ukrainian farmers planted 1 million. 300 thousands. hectares of spring grain crops, leguminous and technical crops, which is 9% of the forecast (15m.300 thousand hectares).

В Кабмине отчитались о ходе посевной в Украине

It is reported by Hvylya, citing the press service of the Ministry of economy and agriculture.

In particular:

  • wheat sown 101 thousand hectares of 132 thousand hectares.
  • barley — 714 hectares from 1 million.100 thousand hectares.
  • oats — 77 thousand hectares of the 95 thousand hectares.
  • peas — 299 thousand hectares of 396 thousand hectares.
  • corn — 37 thousand hectares out of 5 million. 400 thousand hectares.
  • sugar beets — 24 thousand hectares of the 200 hectares;
  • sunflower — 91 thousand hectares from 6 million 200 thousand hectares.

Leaders on rates of sowing are the Odessa farmers (150 ha), Kharkiv (120 hectares), Kherson (108 thousand ha) regions.

As noted in the Ministry, for carrying out a complex of spring field works farmers of all regions are provided with seeds by 100%, mineral fertilizers — by 81%.

Thus, according to Ukrgidromettsentr, in connection with the prolonged lack of rain, conditions for the formation of the germination and development of sown early grain and leguminous crops, especially in southern regions, cannot be called favorable, but they are not yet critical.

“As for the winter grain, their overwintering is successful, the productive moisture content in the soil in most areas is sufficient for normal development of crops, which is a favorable factor for the future harvest”, — the Ministry said.

The Ministry also reminded that the projected area of the major crops (10 crops) is 15 million 260 thousand hectares, which is 0, 3 million hectares more than in 2019.

In addition, in the structure of crops of spring group will increase the share of maize and sunflower will decrease barley, soybean and sugar beet.