The Cabinet promised the indexation of pensions next year

В Кабмине пообещали индексацию пенсий уже в следующем году

The Ministry of Finance provides for the continuation of pension indexation in the next year, as in Ukraine, indexation of pensions and social payments will be annual.

The Ministry of Finance plans to continue the indexation of pensions, in 2021. This was stated by the Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko, during the hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada.

“About indexation declare that at the time when it was assigned by our government, we began to responsibly address this issue. With the changes to the budget, which was supported by you in April, provided funds to the Pension Fund for the indexation of pensions. Moreover, we provide indexing to do next year”, — said Marchenko.

According to him, it is normal practice to index annually.

Lazebnaya: Discussions about raising the retirement age now, no

Earlier it was reported that Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya said that the Ministry plans to increase the pensions of people older than 75 years.