The Cabinet refused to investigate the import of fuel from Russia

Кабмин отказался расследовать импорт топлива из РФ


The introduction of fees would lead to higher prices at gas stations, stressed earlier in the Oil and gas Association of Ukraine

The Commission considered that a sufficient case for anti-subsidy investigation mentioned by the refiners.

Interdepartmental Commission for international trade decided not to pursue anti-subsidy investigation on imports of diesel and automotive liquefied gas to Ukraine originating from the Russian Federation. On Wednesday, June 24, said a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on tax and customs policy, Aleksandr Dubinsky.

The Commission came to the conclusion that given in the complaint the evidence is not sufficient for initiation of anti-subsidy investigation concerning imports to Ukraine of individual products of oil processing.

As reported, the Association of Ukrainian club of agrarian business appealed to the leadership of the country with Prizvanie to impose duties on imports of diesel fuel. Earlier with similar requirements to President Vladimir Zelensky addressed Oil and gas Association of Ukraine and the Agrarian Union of Ukraine.