The Cabinet wants to force the Ukrainians to pay more for electricity

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is planning a gradual increase in the cost of electricity for the population in 2020, including through the abolition of preferential prices for the first used 100 kWh.

Кабмин хочет заставить украинцев больше платить за электроэнергию

This was stated by the head of the Department of energy and environmental protection Alexey Orzhel, informs UNIAN.

He said that the decision on increase of tariffs had contributed to “a reduction of pressure within the bills”.

Orgel noted that all Ukrainian consumers in need of assistance from the state to pay for electricity, will be able to take advantage of the subsidy. But he stressed that those who will not prove the need of government support will be required to pay a “fair” price.

The reason for the difference in electricity prices, the Minister called the abuse at the level of the distribution system and suppliers. According to him, the most effective remedy will be to establish uniform prices for users.

He said that the fairest option would be paying a large amount of electricity at its real price. But with the introduction of restrictions, for example, the abolition of the preferential price of 90 cents per 100 kWh for consumption over 500 kWh, to make enough money in the budget will not succeed.

According to Ariela, decisions on increase of tariffs will be required in 2020.