The Cabinet was told, who exercises control of funds from COVID Fund

В Кабмине рассказали, кто осуществляет контроль средств из COVID-фонда

Gosudarstva carries out continuous monitoring of the use of funds from COVID Fund, and the Cabinet adopted a resolution, which reveals the beneficial owners in the procurement. This was during the hour of questions to the government told the Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko.

“For us it is important to avoid any abuse of misuse of funds. The decision of the Cabinet, which reveals the beneficial owners in the procurement COVID-Fund,” — said the Minister.

Audit is a key mechanism that helps to avoid and identify abuse. To this end, Gosudarja carries out continuous monitoring of utilization of funds. Also provoditsya daily monitoring of the electronic system Prosaro working through the list smazchikov who committed risky purchases”, — said Marchenko.

As of June 18 COVID Fund has allocated funds in the amount of 36.1 billion UAH, the balance of the Fund — UAH 28.5 billion.

Fund the fight against the coronavirus has been around for almost 1.5 months (from 13 April), but as of 25 may, the Cabinet was distributed only of 13.02 billion UAH (20%) of the Fund not distributed and remained at 51.6 billion UAH.

As reported, in Ukraine on the morning of the 19th of June already identified nearly 35,000 cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19, for days broken a new record — 921 cases.