The Cabinet was told, who would pay a thousand hryvnia

The promised one-time payment of one thousand hryvnia, Ukrainians will receive after five days from the moment of entry into force of the amendments to the state budget.

В Кабмине рассказали, кому выплатят по тысяче гривен

This was announced on the Government website.

Earlier the Ministry said that a thousand hryvnia will be paid in April.

Now the Department explained that they plan to begin to make payments after five days from the moment of the changes in the state budget.

All payments will receive 10.6 million Ukrainians. This budget provides 10 billion hryvnia.

To pay a thousand hryvnia will be pensioners, who receive payouts of less than 5 thousand hryvnias.

Disposable provide assistance to citizens with disabilities.

You will get a thousand hryvnia, and those who provided temporary social assistance state, if the citizen is of retirement age but not working and not receiving pension.