The California flower fields in carlsbad — the dream of all instagram users

Although it is still unclear whether California will see one more gorgeous bloom of wildflowers this year in the state has at least one place where you can enjoy integrally. This flower fields in carlsbad, according to Travel And Leisure.

Цветочные поля в калифорнийском Карлсбаде — мечта всех инстаграмеров


Over the last few years the flower farm in southern California has become quite a popular destination thanks to not only dedicated to the success of instagram-bloggers, but a stunning flowering of Ranunculus in the fields stretching to the horizon. Good news for those who want spring flowers have already appeared.

As representatives of the farm, is expected to bloom from March to early may. This gives visitors plenty of time to plan a trip, take a picture and share it with your friends. This is a truly magnificent spectacle, because at the flower farm produces around 7 million flowers in more than 50 acres of (0.2 sq km) of slopes, towering over the ocean.

“It was a great rain, — said General Director of The Flower Fields Fred Clark. In December we had a heavy rain that washed some of the seeds and sometimes destroyed the fields. Thanks to the quick reaction of our team we were able to transplant the flowers. Their growth is now better than ever.”

According to Clark, people from around the world come to the fields to see purple, red, yellow, pink and white flowers. He noted that the team likes to think of the farm as “theme Park”.

“We use this term differently than other “theme parks”. Of course, it’s a theme Park. Our theme is the beauty of nature,” he added.

The entrance to the field costs just $18 for the whole day. Guests can also take part in additional activities, including a ride through the fields on a cart for $6. If you don’t want to be limited to a one-time visit, purchase a subscription for $39 and come as many times as you want. Just treat them gently and never take the flowers or trample them to their admired even thousands of other people who want to come and enjoy them.








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