The Canadiens Annual Blood Drive

Canadian's Annual Blood Drive


The Canadiens' annual blood drive, in aid of Héma-Québec, was a huge success. The management of the Canadian, the coaching staff, the players of the current formation, as well as former Canadians were present to thank the 713 donors.

Photos Pierre-Paul Poulin and courtesy of the Montreal Canadiens

Valérie Provost is surrounded by Cole Caufield, Luc Lévesque and Laurent Paul Ménard, from Héma-Québec, as well as Geneviève Paquette, Vice-President, Community Engagement and Executive Director of the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation, whose team did a masterful job.  

Youppi!, the one and only, brought a smile to Patricia Marleau.

As always popular, Carey Price made sure to greet all the supporters who were present during his visit to the blood drive.

Leanne Bastien, who made her first blood donation , is accompanied by her mother, Renée Aubé, who was making her 15th blood donation, as well as Gilbert Delorme

Brendan Gallagher, who says he is pleasantly t surprised by the performance of the Philadelphia Phillies, but who still favors the Houston Astros to win the World Series of Baseball, as well as his teammate Joel Armia, pose with Richard Demers.

The Ambassador of the Canadian, Chris Nilan, had a good laugh with Jocelyne during the taking of this photo.

Mylène Martin was happy to meet Sean Monahan and David Savard.

Cole Caufield greeted the donor Mackenzie Brown and her daughter, Reigna Brown.

The Blood Drive Annual Canadian