The candidates appealed to Trump’s “help” (PHOTO)

Кандидаты обратились к Трампу за «помощью» (ФОТО)

On the horizon is the Federal election campaign seemed familiar to the pain identity, it has been 2 years heading the US: Donald trump.

The liberals mention the name of the American President in a new political advertising is aimed at strengthening the credibility of the party of unions and industrial workers.

In the video, dubbed “Struggling”, Chrystia Freeland told about how the ruling party have suffered, forced to chat with flighty trump and his representatives during last year’s lengthy negotiations on renewal of the North American trade Pact.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has repeatedly had to listen to critical statements made by the leader of the conservatives Andrew Shire and the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh about the actions of the government in the negotiations.

Singh, meanwhile, went to the suburb of Oshawa for a meeting with employees of the auto sector to present their protectionist policy, which is so famous tramp: a set of measures to save jobs in the automotive industry and encourage those who are going to buy a new car, spend your money on machines assembled in Canada.

The NDP leader also promises not to give the US President, if he becomes Prime Minister.

Shire this afternoon is planning to participate in the electoral event in a suburb of Ottawa, Kanata, while Green party leader Elizabeth may will go to his constituency of Vancouver island to the fair.