The capitalization of “Manchester United” has decreased by £ 1 billion due to coronavirus

Капитализация "Манчестер Юнайтед" уменьшилась на 1 млрд фунтов из-за коронавируса

The Family Of The Glazers

On the background of falling stock markets caused the pandemic of the mers shareholder value “Manchester United” has decreased by 1 billion pounds, reports The Sun.

In the beginning of the year share price 20 times Champions of England were of 16.53 pounds per share, making a total capitalization of MJ has almost 3 billion pounds.

But after the outbreak of the coronavirus price of the shares of the club from old Trafford began to rapidly decline, reaching Monday’s mark of 9.92 lb, clarifies the issue.

United was purchased by American businessman Malcolm Glazer in 2005.

After his death in 2014 the ownership of the club passed to the family of the glazers.

Note that the American owners of the club have become increasingly unpopular among fans, leading to aggressive number of protests at the stadium and beyond.