The Capitals are hot, but are climbing the slope

Capitals are hot, but are climbing the slope


Les Capitales de Québec couldn't take it easy against the Frontier League's worst team, the Empire State Grays, on Tuesday at Stade Canac, but they still took the honors of the doubleheader between the two teams.

In the first game, the crowd favorites were nearly taken by surprise, but they took advantage of a late attacking push to win 7-4.

Going into their sixth round at bat – out of a possible seven since it's a doubleheader – manager Patrick Scalabrini's men trailed 3-2. With just one out, Jonathan Lacroix first pushed Marc-Antoine Lebreux to home plate, to tie the game. Then, two batters later, Yordan Manduley hit a double that allowed Lacroix to complete his own lap of the trails.

David Glaude ended that five-run push with a resounding three-run homer.

Picker Jason Pineda (1-5) was the Capitals' main casualty, giving up four runs on as many hits in a single inning of work.

Although he allowed the Grays a run in the seventh inning, pitcher Nick Horvath was able to close the books for the crowd favorites, who also scored their sixth straight win. John Witkowski (4-2) is the one who added this victory to his record.

Cienfuegos takes care of the second game

In the second duel , gunner Miguel Cienfuegos gave his opponents next to nothing as he went a full game in a 2-1 win.

In seven innings, the starter struck out eight opponents on taken. In addition, the only run given by Cienfuegos (7-1) was not deserved, he who gave up only three hits and one walk.

On offense, T.J. White hit a single in the first inning, allowing David Glaude to cross the plate. Glaude also scored his team's second run in the fifth inning. The second baseman took advantage of a defensive error as he tried to steal third base to continue on his way and cross home plate.

The Grays are having a real season of misery, they who do not have only three wins in 52 games.