The CAQ ahead of the PCQ in Beauce

The CAQ ahead of the PCQ in Beauce


While the Conservatives are betting on Beauce in particular to make an electoral breakthrough, polls indicate that the Coalition avenir Québec would have a large lead in the two Beauce counties. < /p>

The party of François Legault collects 57% of the voting intentions of voters decided in Beauce-Nord, and 54% in Beauce-Sud, according to two Mainstreet polls carried out by automated calls last Tuesday on behalf of the CAQ . Éric Duhaime's Conservative Party would be far behind with a score of 27% in the two constituencies.

The three other parties are simply absent from the race: none of them reach the bar 10%, neither in Beauce-Nord nor in Beauce-Sud.

The two candidates of the PCQ, the mayor of Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Olivier Dumais, and the lawyer Jonathan Poulin, are approached for tighter fights, but would find themselves in the rear view mirror of the CAQ MPs, Luc Provençal and Samuel Poulin .

The extent of the CAQ's advance is surprising, especially in Beauce-Sud where the two political parties seem to be neck and neck. The Qc125 electoral projection site, for example, places the Conservatives at 39%, only two points behind the CAQ. And in Beauce-Nord, six points would separate the two parties, according to the same platform.

The Beauce residents' rate of satisfaction with François Legault's government would also be very high, if we look at it. believes these soundings: it would reach 63% in Beauce-Nord, and 60% in Beauce-Sud.


The two polls were made on September 27 from robotic calls. 473 people aged 18 or over and eligible to vote in Quebec were surveyed in Beauce-Sud, and 561 in Beauce-Nord. Responses were statistically weighted using demographic information from the 2016 Census. The survey's margin of error is ±4.5%, 19 times out of 20.

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