The CAQ asks future generations to finance its tax cuts, denounces Duhaime

The CAQ asks future generations to fund its tax cuts , denounces Duhaime

MISE & Agrave; DAY

TROIS-RIVIÈRE – Éric Duhaime traveled to Mauricie to attack the CAQ's proposal to reduce by 39% the payments to the Generations Fund to finance reductions in taxes. According to him, this is equivalent to asking future generations to pay for the reduction of our tax burden, today.  

The Legault government yesterday presented its “anti- inflation”. The outgoing prime minister has pledged to cut taxes by 2.5% over a ten-year period. He explained that this measure would be financed by a reduction in contributions to the Generations Fund.  

This commitment has already been described as “unacceptable”, notably by Forces Jeunesse. “We are coming to solve the problem of the current inflation, which is very real, but on the back of the next generations who will have to make choices in terms of public services or public policies that they will want to finance because we have chosen today today to put tax cuts on the credit cards of the next generations!” lamented Monday the president of the organization, Simon Telles. 

Éric Duhaime also reiterated his commitment to reduce to reduce taxes by 2% for the first two tax brackets. This measure would be financed by the exploitation of hydrocarbons, as well as by the reduction in the size of the State proposed by the conservatives.  

More details to come…