“The CAQ is an arrogant party”, launches Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

“The CAQ is an arrogant party», says Paul St-Pierre Plamondon


Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has started his election campaign in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a Montreal neighborhood where shootings have been on the rise for months. 

“The campaign, as far as eastern Montreal is concerned, will focus on a weakened French and weakened security,” proclaimed the PQ leader on the banks of the river, in the riding of Camille-Laurin, formerly called Bourget.< /p>

“We want to give a strong path to the east of Montreal,” he continued, referring to issues such as the lack of housing, health and public transit.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon bet, for his first speech, on the importance of achieving the independence of Quebec in order to protect the French language and the Quebec nation.

“The meaning of this campaign is what future for the French fact in the future? What future for the Quebec nation?” affirmed the leader, describing Quebec’s independence as “urgent” and “necessary”.

Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon also criticized the “arrogance” of outgoing Premier François Legault.

“The CAQ is an arrogant party that constantly promotes and boasts,” lamented the leader. PQ, assuring that he made the choice of “hope and rigor”.

“We are going to pleasantly surprise”

< p>The PQ is dead last in the voting intentions of Quebecers, with only 9% of voting intentions, which does not prevent Paul St-Pierre Plamondon from believing that his party will be the Cinderella formation of the election.

“The destiny of the Parti Québécois has always been linked to the destiny of Quebec. If we abandon the idea of ​​being a normal people who decide for themselves. If we abandon the fundamental principle that we are a French-speaking society which has the right to exist in French, well, it's all of Quebec whose future has just gotten the hell out,” pleaded the PQ leader. /p>