The CAQ relies on our lack of memory

The CAQ relies on our lack of memory


Allow me to play the prophet of doom, Mr. Legault, and predict to you, even before you call the election, that your almost assured victory will be less spectacular than that of a few years ago. four years.

You like to explain your success by the fact that you use two sauces to make your dish tastier: economy and nationalism.

You are sensitive to the issue of Quebecers in business, it's true. You yourself come from this background…

That said, a good part of the influence that Quebec could have in this area is obscured by unnecessarily English social reasons… a situation that you don't be in a hurry to correct!

Three slaps 

As for nationalism or identity, Mr. Legault, I don't see where your CAQ has made any progress. 

You are no doubt surprised yourself- even though everyone seems to have forgotten the three slaps that Ottawa administered to you at the start of your mandate: the first in terms of immigration, the second when the federal government refused to apply Bill 101 to its employees based in Quebec, and the third with the single tax return you were claiming.

Would you have the audacity to propose sectoral referendums in these three areas to give you momentum against arrogant Ottawa? I very much doubt it… You seem to be counting on star candidates from the media to seduce a politically illiterate population… 

So attack!

It is often said that attack is the best defence, Mr. Legault.

In these areas where Quebec could assert itself and where Ottawa is careful not to yield anything, you would have to constantly remind yourself of your legitimacy as leader of the only French-speaking nation in North America!

Alas! To make people forget the slaps received, you seem to be banking more on the failing memory of your people… This is why I predict that the enthusiasm for the CAQ at the polls will be more mixed in 2022 than in 2018.

< p>The CAQ relies on our lack of memory