The CAQ retains Marie-Victorin

The CAQ keeps Marie-Victorin


Despite a difficult campaign, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) manages to preserve its gains in Marie-Victorin, marking another painful defeat for the Parti Québécois (PQ) and its star candidate Pierre Nantel.< /strong> 

At the time of this writing, Shirley Dorismond of the CAQ obtained 33.2% of the vote, compared to 24.7% for Pierre Nantel of the PQ, his closest pursuer.

Despite his defeat and the loss from several other ridings in Quebec, Mr. Nantel sees a bright future for his political party.

“It is true that it is a disappointment, but honestly, […] he atmosphere is good in the room. The activists are happy and feel that their party is alive and well,” he said in an interview with QMI Agency.

While a close contest was expected, Ms. Dorismond took the lead from the counting of the first ballot box and never saw her lead threatened.

“Being elected twice in as little time, it's something special”, commented Ms. Dorismond, a few minutes after her victory.

“This evening, the voters of Marie-Victorin confirmed that I was listening to them and accessible, “added the ex-nurse. 


The PQ yesterday tried to reconquer its castle of Marie-Victorin, delighted by François Legault's party in a by-election held in April.

Shirley Dorismond then won the partial with some 800 votes ahead of her PQ opponent.

The riding had been left vacant by the departure of Catherine Fournier, who had since become mayor of Longueuil.

The loss of Marie-Victorin to the CAQ had dealt a severe blow to the Parti Québécois and to its leader Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon.