The car crash has commented on its debts

У Заворотнюк прокомментировали ситуацию с ее долгами

The case of non-payment of property tax of the cancer patient Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will be resolved without a trial.

This “Evening Moscow” told the lawyer of the actress Viktor Pasternak.

He noted that he was not aware of the debt of the actress in real estate, but the amount wasn’t big enough to attract the court.

“Because the amount is not critical, and stage because of her arguments, I think, no one will”, — he said and finished, that is ready to assist relatives of your client.

Earlier, the actress was billed for the unpaid tax on the property. The star of “My fair nanny” owed to the bailiffs 24 thousand rubles for an apartment in Moscow.

To make concessions to car crash because of health problems, police officers refused and promised to write off the money as soon as they appear in the accounts of the actress.

Recall that Zavorotnyuk is located in the centre for the rehabilitation of critically ill patients.

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