The car to pieces, and to me — not a scratch: shocking confession of a former member “That the…

Машина вдребезги, а на мне — ни царапины: шокирующее признание бывшего участника «Зважені та...

Thursday, October 10, will be held the seventh edition of the most significant project of the country, “she zvazheni schaslivi” (STB). The participants will undergo a test on a hill between the houses. But only one partner will be the obstacle is the one who least tried during the project. The standard of passing the toughest competition will be a skilled athlete and certified trainer crossfit studios and a year ago — the participant of the project of Bogdan from the red team. Last year he and his father won the primary weighting, dropping 75 pounds on the initial weight of 168 pounds. Recall, one of the project participants, Michael, left for camp weight loss with a weight of 149 pounds and continues to lose weight at home.

Last week the project has left the partner of Alena Grebenyuk, 41-year-old Sergei Butuk, who came to the project with a weight of 148 kgs at growth of 175 centimetres. Last week he managed to lose only two pounds.

In an exclusive interview with the “FACTS” he has told, why really left reality, he changed his weight and why he is waiting for the final.

— Sergei, after retiring from the project, you continue to lose weight?

— Of course, I even got me a subscription to the pool in addition to training in the gym, which gave me the channel. In fact, I now feel fine and I don’t want to slow down.

Машина вдребезги, а на мне — ни царапины: шокирующее признание бывшего участника «Зважені та...

— New life in a new body?

— Quite true! I lost during this time about 30 pounds and, of course, feel differently. I was curious to go shopping to pick out clothes. Recently completely updated my closet. Weight loss I have continued and it would be great to reach the level of 100 kilograms.

— Remember when you lost your first pounds on the project?

— Remember that during the first week of the reality it took me 3 kilograms. But, I confess, it is not particularly felt. Too great was the burden and emotional stress because of the new conditions, constant training. By the way, some guys in the first week dropped more than I do.

After three weeks of participation in the project I have already obviously felt the weight loss. Things that I specifically took with me, I started to zip up. By this time, we have already started to exchange shirts and pants, after all, originally had a different weight. I came to the project with 148 kilograms, Nicholas — 220, Pasha — 168. Three weeks later, Kolya could easily wear my t-shirt. You know, it was like, “Wow!”

Машина вдребезги, а на мне — ни царапины: шокирующее признание бывшего участника «Зважені та...

— Loss of extra pounds certainly could be felt on a physical level?

— Of course, I used to have very sore back and shoulder. I couldn’t help my mom around the house. And when the weight began to leave, I felt relief. Now I can easily lead a loaded wheelbarrow, or you can go to the country to the godfather there to help him. In General, actively involved in every job.

— How has your nutrition?

— Dramatically. The project nutritionist Svetlana FUS reviewed the diet of each participant. Now I try to stick to healthy lifestyle and nutrition. I do not spare the money. Sometimes you can not buy any thing, but as for the food — nothing does not deny. By the way, recently I got back together with Svetlana to completely overhaul your diet in the fall. In the summer it was more fruits, vegetables, and now, when the body is “closed” for the winter and begins to store fats, you need to change the scheme.

Really large restrictions in the food I was not. Even on the project, we eat meat — mostly veal and chicken. As for sweet, I never loved him. If I want something tasty, can afford a small piece of dark chocolate.

— What used to bring you the taste pleasure?

— I loved the sausage is my childhood. Could eat a plate of fries or a bite to eat in fast food. Especially when you are driving. On a long business trip, of course, I eat not healthy foods.

— What is your diet?

— I have Breakfast at 8 o’clock in the morning, 12 or 13 hours — lunch, then a snack and 6-7 PM dinner. The latest time I can eat something — it’s 19:30.

— Who initiated your participation in the project?

— In fact, it was my decision, which was supported by all my relatives and friends. I watched many seasons of “Svajena…”, but the biggest impression I have always been the final issue, when the heroes after all the heavy days went on stage and was struck by their appearance. It was a real shock, and I realized that it is really eight months to change his life.

— It was a shame to leave the project?

— In fact, over the six weeks that I spent there, managed to make very important conclusions for themselves. I understand that I will continue to go on, besides, we with Alyona Grebenyuk very supportive of Irakli. He said that we are the winners, because you are already in this project.

Of course, it was possible to continue the struggle — I did not consider myself a weak party. In all competitions Alena went quite well. Yeah, I didn’t get a lot dumped on last week, but it was the only feature of my body. Of course, it was a bit disappointing, but to walk away I am not afraid.

Машина вдребезги, а на мне — ни царапины: шокирующее признание бывшего участника «Зважені та...

— Remember the days when you were thin?

Yeah, then I turned 23, I worked abroad. Remember, arrived there, having 120 pounds, and in three months lost weight up to 85. Then returned home, started a new job, a new life, completely different food, and I started to gain weight.

And ten years ago got into a terrible accident — she fell asleep at the wheel and drove under the truck. The car is in pieces, and to me — not a scratch. The doctor said that I have the strongest guardian angel, because usually such accidents do not survive. But apparently, the body has experienced the strongest stress, and I began to gain weight. Now, I think, up to 80 pounds will not lose weight, but to see 99 on the scale — for me it would be just super!


And Inna Mazur said, who blames that departed from reality, and why wants to return to Kiev.

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