The cardiologist called the main regulations for the control of hypertension


Over the last decade, hypertension has a global dimension and the disease is diagnosed not only among elderly but also among young generation. The cardiologist from USA Elizabeth Klodas developed 4 effective steps to help avoid hypertension and in some cases forget about it forever.

Врач-кардиолог назвал главные правила борьбы с гипертонией

Primarily a doctor recommends to pay attention on body weight and to prevent the increase. In case, if you are overweight already have a person suffering from hypertension, need to get rid of it, following the diet, but not overloading the body with excessive exercise. No less important is to reduce sodium intake and before each meal eat fresh fruit or vegetable. The third step in dealing with hypertension regular moderate exercise. It should be noted that you should do exercises a positive influence on the condition and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

And last but not less important step – getting rid of bad habits. The use of tobacco and alcohol should be kept to a minimum, but the best from them is to give that have a positive impact on health in General, and not only saves you from high blood pressure.

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