The cardiologist identified key habits, healthy, heart

Healthy sleep is the most important habit that promotes good heart health, it spoke Italian cardiologist Giulio Stefanini. The doctor also shared other recommendations, which can improve the condition of the myocardium.

Кардиолог обозначил ключевые привычки, оздоровляющие сердце

Speaking of quality sleep as medicine for the heart, the cardiologist said: night sleep of at least should last 6 hours. If sleep is not enough and the person does not feel rested, this leads to an increase in the concentration in the body of stress hormones. The increased stress levels in the body is associated with the development of inflammation, including those which may affect the heart muscle.

In addition to a good heart condition it is important nutrition, the cardiologist noted the special significance of a wholesome Breakfast. Breakfast sets the tone for your day, determines the health of a person, as well as “includes” in the body metabolic processes, invariably affecting the heart. The doctor is convinced that Breakfast is a must.

In General, according to the Italian expert, for the good condition of the myocardium of a healthy diet in line with Mediterranean diet – that is, frequent consumption of walnuts and olive oil. Also, very useful are the yogurt and milk, said the cardiologist.

Another useful habit is to closely monitor all changes of your body, and also know the basic signs of heart problems.

“If a person feels pain in the chest or irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath when experiencing anxiety, it is necessary to consult a doctor and take appropriate therapeutic and preventive measures”, — said the doctor.