The cardiologist warned about the increased risk of heart attack as a result of taking oral contraceptives

Women who use oral contraceptives may be exposed to additional risk of heart attack, says cardiologist Irina Day. Heart attacks today, as the specialist, finally ceased to be a “male” disease, so women must be carefully monitored for any hazards that can trigger a heart attack.

Кардиолог предупредил о повышении риска инфаркта в результате приема оральных контрацептивов

Half a century ago it was believed that heart attacks affected mostly men — risk factors, thus, were “male” bad habits (Smoking and alcohol), as well as stress and processing at work. In the modern world the heart attack has become a common issue for men and women, so the latter need to treat the health of your heart no less carefully than men.

Cardiologist Irina Day says that oral contraceptives can actually create some dangers associated with a higher risk of heart attack. Accordingly, women who decided to take OK, we need to discuss with your doctor including the following aspects.

“If you are using combined oral contraceptives, discuss with your doctor the optimal product. If we talk about oral contraceptives that are the safest in terms of the probability of arterial thrombosis, it means that contain no more than 30 mcg of estrogen, and also include artificial progestogen levonorgestrel”, says Day.