The career of Sophie Thibault in five souvenir photos

The career of Sophie Thibault in five souvenir photos


Love at first sight

A very young journalist who made her debut at TVA in 1988. The one who was initially heading for psychology had fallen in love with the profession by registering for a certificate in information. She therefore followed the advice of her father Marc Thibault, then director of information for Radio-Canada. He had seen in her the talent required.

The chef

An unforgettable moment, her nomination for the TVA nouvelles of 22 h in the spring of 2002 (photo). She became the first woman in North America to be named solo anchor for a late-night newscast. The previous September, this fighter had returned from leave to cover the events of 9-11, for ten days in a row, not counting the hours.

Mother journalist

With her mother, Monique Larouche Thibault who had been a journalist, columnist for the Journal de Montréal (“Les billets de Monique ”) and author. It was in 2003 and Sophie began her involvement with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, a disease from which her mother suffered for 52 years. The latter died in 2008, her father in 2006.

People's favorite

Sophie Thibault, in 2004, when she happily won the Métrostar Female personality of the year. She also won the Best Newscast Host statuette. Since TVA entrusted her with the position of news anchor for 10 p.m., she had won this statuette every year, until a certain Pierre Bruneau took the title away from her.

Moto , photo, info

Passionate about information, she is also passionate about motorcycles. She has been doing it since the age of 17, although she admits to being afraid of speed. The head of antenna is also passionate about photography. She took countless beautiful photos. On several occasions, her passions for photography and motorcycles have been used to raise funds at benefit events.

  • Sophie Thibault is now at the controls of< strong>VAT News5 p.m. and 6 p.m., Monday to Thursday, since the departure of Pierre Bruneau. She, who has been a journalist for 34 years at TVA, arrives in the middle of the provincial election campaign. She is surrounded by in-house columnists who are popular with the public, including Mario Dumont, Paul Larocque, Emmanuelle Latraverse and Colette Provencher on the weather forecast. Pierre-Olivier Zappa succeeds him at the helm of TVA 10 p.m. and Michel Jean hosts lunchtime.
  • < li>In her career, Sophie Thibault has won several awards, including nine Métrostar and Artis trophies. In 2021, she became a Knight of the National Order of Quebec.

  • Over the past few years, Sophie Thibault has had several photo exhibitions. She has published a few books including In my nature, which presents her favorite photos and Telle mother, what daughter? a novel written with four hands with her mother. For all the information about its activities, see