The Catholic Council of Toronto has added to the Charter gender concepts (PHOTO)

Католический совет Торонто добавил в устав гендерные понятия  (ФОТО)

The largest Catholic school Board in Ontario added to the school Charter, the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” .

The members of the Board of the Catholic school Board of Toronto has taken this decision in the end held on the occasion of a hot session, which began Thursday and ended after midnight, that is, already Friday.

Now in accordance with the new Charter staff, students, parents and members of the Council have “to respect and to treat everyone fairly” regardless “of gender identity, gender expression, marital status (or) your family situation.”

But still draws attention to the fact that this rule “is interpreted through the prism of the Catholic faith.”

A new interpretation, which was the subject of months of debate, was approved by the Archdiocese of Toronto on the eve of the meeting, which will take place this week.

This innovation was adopted by eight votes to four after Council members heard arguments of parents and members of the public with opposing views.