The cause of early death in women

Irregular menstrual cycle was associated with the risk of early death. Such conclusions were voiced by scientists the American society for reproductive medicine at the 75th scientific Congress in Philadelphia.

Названа причина ранней смерти у женщин

They conducted a study, which involved women from 14 to 48 years, with no serious health problems. Also considered factors such as their lifestyle, physical activity and weight. The participants were divided into three groups according to age. Data were collected for 18 years. It is noted that this time died more than 1500 participants — most of them found the cancer, others have problems with the cardiovascular system.

The results of the study showed that women with irregular menses or long cycles were more likely to die at an early age. In particular, women with a cycle between 32 and 39 days, was at risk often 23 percent.

According to the Vice-President of the American society for reproductive medicine, Dr. Hugh Taylor, should worry girls and women who have had any deviation in the regularity or duration of the cycle, as this can indicate hidden health problems. So, you should check the endocrine system, the probability of occurrence of neoplasms, and the presence of genital infections and other diseases, writes Infox.