The cause of the fire in the center of the city, which has suffered fire, was arson (PHOTOS)

Причиной пожара в центре города, в котором пострадали пожарные, был поджог (ФОТО)

A fire in an abandoned house in the Eastern part of the city centre over the weekend, injuring two firefighters, are now treated as arson and police have published a picture of the sketch of the suspect.

Firefighters were called to a three storey building located on the corner of Jarvis and Shuter streets, at 2 a.m. on 7 November.

Firefighters said when they arrived on the scene, flames engulfed almost the entire building, not allowing them to search inside.

Two firefighters who tried to redirect the airflow by opening the roof fell, when I tried to go on the roof. One of them broke his leg and the other one received more serious injuries.

The representative of the Association of professional firefighters Toronto (TPFFA) reported that one of its members, captain Jim Warren, remains in intensive care at the hospital of St. Michael, but at the moment, woke up and feeling better.

“It became much easier to breathe, and can speak. At some point today to him for a few minutes I had to get up. He tires easily and is still in intensive care. He will remain in ICU for the next day or two and, hopefully, will be transferred to the recovery room in the next week,” said TPFFA President Frank Ramagnano on Thursday.

After a thorough search of the wreckage of the forensic expert of the fire service of Ontario stated that the cause of the fire was arson.

On Thursday, the police announced that witnesses noticed the building when firefighters arrived teams came out a man.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police number 416-808-5100.