The Center Jacques-Cartier: regaining self-confidence after difficult years

The Center Jacques-Cartier: regaining self-confidence after difficult years


Two young men who have been sorely tried by life now have the wind in their sails after finding the courage to overcome the difficulties that kept them from living the life they wanted with the help of the Center Jacques-Cartier.

The Center Jacques-Cartier (CJC) is an organization whose mission is to support young people aged 16 to 35 for whom the life project cannot be supported by the traditional offer. of the school environment.

Frédérik Lesny, 27, has developed serious anxiety problems following a serious cancer suffered by his mother and many years of caring for his severely disabled sister.

“We didn't think my mother would survive, but she's still here today,” Frédérik explains. And my sister is very disabled. We can't be one person to take care of her. »

Anxiety was so prominent in his life that he was unable to continue his studies in history and civilization. One of the biggest boosts CJC has given him is being able to experiment without pressure to succeed.

“Experimenting is easier when you are a teenager. Afterwards, the opportunities become more complicated,” he says.

He has done several projects, such as volunteering as a handyman, and carried out a multitude of maintenance tasks on the CJC websites. But his greatest accomplishments have been accepting himself as he is and overcoming his anxiety.

Finding his bearings

Today, Frédérik works in a small shop specializing in the sale of microbrewery beers and ciders. 

Sébastien Fournier, 32, also found his bearings at the CJC.

After a first unsuccessful attempt to study computer science, Sébastien found himself at the center very discouraged and no longer believing in success. He tried all the programs offered at the center. “I even recoded the CJC management system,” he says.