The Chairman of the Ministry of social policy announced who and when to pay a premium

The head of the Ministry of social policy Marina Lazebnaya said that from April 7 began the payment of monthly compensation up to 500 hryvnia, Ukrainian pensioners aged 80 years.

Председатель Минсоцполитики озвучила, кому и когда будут выплачивать надбавки

This was reported on the website of the Ministry.

“I want to report to the society that we implemented our first initiative on increasing pensions for our 80 year-old pensioners: yesterday they started to get additional funds,” said Lazebnaya.

The Minister noted that those citizens who are from 4 to 6 April, has paid pensions, fully credited compensation for individual information.

We will remind, the government decided on a monthly allowance up to 500 hryvnia Ukrainians 80 years with a pension no higher 9205 hryvnia.

This category of people will receive compensation in addition with the already provided for a status of enhancements, allowances for pensions to children of war who took part in the hostilities and members of the families of the victims.

Also, the government established a minimum pension in the amount of UAH 2600 people from 80 years of insurance experience which is 20 (women) and 25 (men) years.

In April the payment of up to 500 USD to get one and a half million pensioners.