The champion of the Paralympic games 2012 has died after euthanasia

Чемпионка Паралимпийских игр-2012 ушла из жизни после эвтаназии

Marieke Verwoort

The champion of the Paralympic games-2012 in London in races on carriages Marieke Verwoort died after euthanasia, according to AS.

40-year-old Belgian decided to sign the papers for euthanasia 8 years ago. The procedure was carried out in the Belgian city Diest. In Belgium it’s legal.

In addition to gold of the London Games, on account of Vervet were also two silvers (2012 and 2016), and “bronze” Paralympics in 2016.

In adolescence in the Vervortom found incurable progressive disease of the muscles, due to which it is more than 15 years was forced to move in a wheelchair. In recent years, the status of female athletes has deteriorated: she suffered constant pain and epileptic seizures. One seizure happened during the cooking, and Vervortom received severe burns of the feet.