The championship of Europe on badminton in Kiev cancelled due to coronavirus

Чемпионат Европы по бадминтону в Киеве отменен из-за коронавируса

Another sporting event was postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus.

The badminton world Federation (BWF) announced the postponement of the European championship 2020 in badminton because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, according to the official website of the organization.

The tournament was held from 21 to 26 April in Kiev and was supposed to be one of the selections for the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo.

Together with the Kiev tournament of the BWF cancelled the Asian championship, which was scheduled for the same dates, and also the XXIV pan American tournament.

Earlier, the European gymnastics Union (UEG) for the same reason cancelled the European championship in rhythmic gymnastics, which was scheduled to conduct from 21st to 24th of may in Kiev.